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Andrieh Vitimus is author of the modern magical classic Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation Through the Ovayki Current, also published in Magick on the Edge anthology, the Manifesting Prosperity anthology, The Pop Culture Anthology and the Best of Konton Magazine anthology. Vitimus is holds the highest initiatory rank in Haitian Vodou, that of Hougan Asogwe,, is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and NLP practitioner and a licensed hypnotherapist.  Currently, Andrieh Vitimus is faculty at Peter Carroll’s Arconorium College.  Andrieh is the host of the international successful radio show, Deeper down the Rabbit Show ( and has taught at conventions across the Midwest including Starwood, Sirius Rising, Babylon Rising, Convocation, Real Witches Ball, various Pagan Prides and more.

Spiritual Coaching

Over 15 years experience helping people create a whole new life through divination, mediumship, and solid coaching.  Don’t just get a divination, work with Andrieh on a inspired plan!   Click to Learn More.

Sorceror and Healer

Andrieh has over 20 years of experience as a magician, healer and 2 handed spiritual worker. He’s been in the trenches, having done exorcisms out of Chicago, and more. Find out more how Andrieh can help


Empower yourself through your own mind.  Andrieh is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP specialist.  Maximize your potential now.  Find out how.

Teacher and Author

Andrieh has taught across the world at festivals stores and more and is a sought after presenter.  He is published in multiple anthologies and books.   Empower yourself to do the work, learn from one of the best.  Click here to learn more.

From the Blog

The slow creeping shadows of dusk and then quickly night enveloped me. Only the silvery moonlight bouncing off the chilling droplets of mist guide your footprints. I need to get the water from the stream.
Usually, the stream is only a couple inches deep. Over the last week, the deluge of rain, soaked the area. The stream was high. Normally, you could see the areas to skip across it. So many prayers uttered at the stream. Today, the river carved into the landscape 4 feet cliffs created me in the moonlight. I can't see where the stream ends and there are some deep pockets.
I connected deeply. The familiar whispers the leap from the stream whisper ecstasy and sorrow. My body always shakes and the cold cuts to the bone. Sometimes the mist envelops you. These spirits are my friends, but they have tricked me before. Today, the snow falls gently. Today I do not know how deep the stream is and the moon's silver rays bounce hither to and from tricking my eyes.

The spirits know. My knees hurt [...]
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So I know I have been profoundly negligent on blogging. Literally all my resources are going to the shapeshifting course, graduate school and work... really averaging about 4 hours of sleep... Yep thats how its rolling... but I did this interview on last Friday. I was a little tired, for those in Toastmasters a little to high on Um and Ah counting... but surprisingly this really poignant on so many topics that I have been really thinking about lately.

Tue, Oct 13, 2015, Continue reading at the source

I am once again running the shapeshifting course ( more details on that), and this time for a year. Once again, someone has paid it forward so I can offer a contest to you, so someone of need can get in for free. Would you like this gifted spot, here is how to get a shot at it.
Write a little blurb about how you used the techniques of Hands on Chaos Magic and generally love the book.If you don't have Hands On Chaos Magic, write a blurb on how with specifics one of my courses, rituals, or meditations changed your life for the better. Post 1 or 2 on facebook, tumblr, or your blog ( other public places are perfectly ok).Tag @Andriehvitimus in your post and email at with the url of your post.I will pick the person who gets in as the Gift, per divinations.

One of my students who was part of some of my in person and private shapeshifter work paid it forward ( as I encourage all of my students to do), and traded with me for someone in the sphere of the internet to get [...]
Mon, Aug 10, 2015, Continue reading at the source


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