Booking Andrieh

Thank you for your interest in having me attend and speak at your event. The following are my rates for public speaking events or teaching.


  • All Airfare
  • All Hotel Fees
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Free entrance for my fiancé to the event and all ( We do not expect you to pay for her travel costs).

RITUAL Performance

If you want Andrieh to do an in person performance of ritual, you must also comp between 2-3 additional people and my fiancé to the event ( they are expected to pay for their own travel).  Andrieh’s rituals are life changing affairs which often require proper set up and safety.  Many of the assistants are metaphysical teachers in their own right, and we would be will willing to work out some courses in exchange for that entrance.

If you are still interested in having Andrieh as a speaker at your event, get back to Andrieh and we will send you my contract.


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