S. Connolly“Andrieh Vitimus is a phenomenal magician who gets results. Andrieh offered to do some work for me. I agreed not because I couldn’t do it myself, but because I was curious. Long story short – Andrieh’s work manifested immediate (next day) results above and beyond my expectations. He truly is a gifted magician. I would highly recommend Andrieh’s products and services to anyone seeking real results.” – S. Connolly

Best selling author and Daemonolatress S. Connolly

frankI ordered a  Road Opening mojo from Andrieh Vitimus. I’ve ordered many a Mojos from other conjured and Must say that Andriehs is the most powerful . Upon getting the package in the mail, I could feel a tingling in my hands and third eye. When I opened the package and held the mojo, I could feel this most amazing surge of blissful energy fill up my heart chakra and third eye. As for positive change, I was able to get my ideal job and increase my social charisma! Get one, it is like an investment for your personal future.
Frank Crenshaw

rebeccavanlearAfter attending a Mass of Chaos presented by Andrieh in Columbus OH, I had what I later understood to be a full kundalini rising experience- the results of which lasted for approximately one month. Andrieh not only helped facilitate this amazing experience through his intense and real ritual, but he helped me get through the after effects in a very effective manner based on the techniques in his ‘Hands On Chaos Magic’ book. I had purchased the book that weekend and immediately began working through it. This book is a life changing experience- not merely a book, but a personal journey with Andrieh acting as guide and mentor through the words written on the pages. If you actually work through the book- you will see results and exponential increases in your magical ability and understanding. Even those who are more advanced in their studies will find the book very useful in the unique and inspired techniques that he presents. After the aforementioned experience, I started working with Andrieh as an assistant and public relations agent because I believe in what I see in him and what I’ve seen OF him. I obtained his services this past spring to do some healing work for my grandmother. I had the priveledge of being present for the work to observe and it was amazing to watch as he utilized vodou service, sympathetic links, reiki and some other techniques to achieve what is nothing short of a miraculous healing. My grandmother has been off the charts bi-polar and traditional medical treatments had done more harm than good in trying to stabalize her symptoms. However- after this magical work, she has been and continues to be as stable and balanced as I’ve ever known her to be. Andrieh is an extremely effective and talented healer and I would recommend his services to everyone!
Rebecca Fowler

Andrieh Vitimus is the only person that has ever been able to get me to quiet my mind, and believe me, I’ve tried everything. Not only that, but he taught me how to do it myself. I highly recommend his classes. They are fun and informative. He’s an effective and patient teacher, willing to assist you until you’ve grasped what you need to. Regardless of your path, you will always get something out of every class. Kaliva Keres

I owe my deepest gratitude to Andrieh Vitimus.  The personal healing work he did for me came at a time when my life was crumbling.  I quite seriously risked losing everything I had and loved, and quite possibly my life, within, in all probability, a few short months.  His methods are not only very powerful, but extremely effective.  Within hours I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me.  Over the next few days my life had done a 180.  I found my strength and confidence, which I thought had been lost completely.  I was able to start mending the past and building the future.  The once broken pieces of my being are now whole and growing stronger, thanks in no small part to the meditation and energy work methods Andrieh has taught me.   Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.   Angi Stovall

As director of a television documentary about chaos magick I needed to find a high level magician who could bring to life and explain the power of chaos magick. Andreih was able to clearly and concisely guide me through the use of sigils, core chaos beliefs and the ethos of practicing magicians. He also arranged an intense and emotional invocation of Baphomet which was powerful and truly supernatural. His teachings and methods are clear and honest and totally devoid of any pretentious psychobabble.
Jennifer Adcock, Production Director Ocean Magic Productions

Every time I work with him, I walk away with the feeling of having upgraded my magical practice and my ability to produce results—Peter DeShane Peter DeShane

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