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Full Frontal Magic

Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus is the author of the modern magical classic Hands on Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation Through the Ovayki Current. He is also published in Magick on the Edge Anthology, the Manifesting Prosperity Anthology, Devoted, The Pop Culture Anthology, the Best of Konton Magazine Anthology, Pillars Anthology, the Anthology of Sorcery: Revelations and more.

Andrieh is a Priest, Houngan Asogwe, in Haitian Vodou, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, an avid fan of Gigong, martial artist, NLP practitioner and licensed hypnotherapist.  Currently, Vitimus is faculty at Peter Carroll’s Arcanorium College as well as the host of the successful international radio show, Deeper down the Rabbit Hole (  and has taught at conventions across the world.

When not talking about magic, Andrieh focuses on business coaching, project management and wealth building. He loves old school industrial and punk music, good coffee and good conversation. Andrieh has studied many forms of operational magic for over 20 years (African, Eastern and Western) and unapologetically calls himself an occultist.

Full Frontal Magic will be posted on the twice a month on the first and third Sundays.  You can subscribe via RSS and by e-mail.

Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

Ever wonder just how far the rabbit hole of reality and metaphysics really goes? Join hosts Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Colwell every Monday evening at 8pm EST on as they discuss their experiences and adventures with those of their guests. You never quite know what your going to get as the 2 magi really push the boundaries in their lives and on this bleeding edge show with bite, real information, and a sense of the hard core limiting fluff. Looking for harder hitting metaphysics, then you might only ask how far does the rabbit hole really go.

THEMES: Everything Really dealing with results driving and Active Spirituality, Hypnosis, NLP, Paranormal studies, psychic development, Trance, real magick, Occult, Angelic Work, African Traditional Religions/Vodou, Demonology, Holistic, Business Planning as Spiritual Growth, Culture Jamming/Cultural Transformation, Applied Spirituality, Hoodoo, Transformation, Life, Spiritual work, Strategic and Tactical magic, Serious Christian Magic, Hindu Magic, Basical from dark to light and back again.

My Personal Blog    

This is the personal blog on magic, occultism and the practical work of Andrieh Vitimus. This shall be less intellectualized mutterings and much more practical including my own work. Not everything will be posted here, we still keep some secrets to ourselves.






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