Day 6:   Some intense work across spectrum Day 6: Some intense work across spectrum

Well. I had some really intense rituals tonight.   Dantalion wanted to talk about a great number of things, this was a pretty extensive conversation.  We talked about more then a few things, and it was generally an intense ritual. We were working on the reframing of one the issues, and working on some more advanced techniques of energy mind transformation / persuasion.   That isn’t why I called him or her, s(he) just made it very clear, s(he) was going to give those techniques and I was going to learn em.  Grace right, thats that.   Need to learn the techniques, cause I will need em later.  Right, Right,  Then we did the work.

Now, I went into the Ganesh ritual after the fact and it was very very strange.   Obviously the Ganesh ritual after the hard core Demonology with the chakra work resets the system.  Both that someone called me on the phone from a strange number ( was listing to music), and then the dog tried to interfere, by jumping on me.  I just kept going, but it was a little rough, then the dog fell asleep.    I kept getting almost a smokey Ganesh, and was getting sorta of pulled into another place.  IT was very powerful, but only did 1 mala.   Again felt like the whole system got cleaned out by the mantra.

Theres been a few other times I have spent meditating on that whole grace work in terms of the greater work I was doing.  It is what it has been, often just need stillness.  I always feel like the work keeps going with school and can’t get time to meditate like I should.   Even now going to bed very late.  I need to stop that 🙂    Hard to write tonight, taking so much time. day 5: Man blood work sucks day 5: Man blood work sucks

Day 5:  April 6

Dantalion is kina great, and the work in a way really has re-affirmed my love of hypnosis and nlp despite well life getting in the way.  I seriously have to re-negotiate the blood thing.  Its not so much the blood.  I fucking hate the Stabby Mc Staberson of the demonology work I am doing.  

This blood offering was probably coming from being too influenced by other demonologists.  I didn’t use to do this this way and kinda picked it up.  The way I used to do this, is more classical horror movie show like.  I would right up a formal pact and drop of blood.  I already have a deep pact with Dantalion, and I know people will disagree, but I feel like the blood really isn’t needed.  He doesn’t need a better connection, and that type of energy is not what he actually uses.   I have to think more on it.


I REALLY HATE the stabbing and don’t like needles much either.   Its not the fear yo, not afraid, just dislike.  Really really really really really really really really hate it.  Really Really really really Hate the stabbing. I do wonder if this dislike of blood work, comes from the Temple of Set days.  I have no problem doing a chicken as it were, although don’t like that either since it takes HOURS to fucking clean and cook the chicken.  

Anyway, the work is progressing ok.  Every day.  Got through my Ganesh work.. and chakra work.. No weird dreams… Day 4, Mala madness and Dantalian


Day 4:  April 5

The thing about situational change and alchemy, is that you must change even if the target is primarily someone else.  Whether or not you are involved or not, the work itself is related to you. The work is merely the reflection of the light and this reflects back on you the magician or witch.  No matter what you do, it always reflects back.  Not in a stupid western karmic idea, no.   It just rings different parts of your personality,  IT gives you information about yourself, if you look.   IT is never just do the magic and leave.   Any results, even for clients, makes you ring part of yourself.   Now, for someone who believes that all parts even the bad are equally valid this is ok.  Although it is little different.

So I got the gifted mala, this is a similiar mala from the vendor ( the picture links to their etsy, no they didn’t pay me, it just that awesome).    So this was a gift from Zac Lui,  that I mentioned a couple days ago.  It arrived today.Mala

Why NO this is not a picture of my mala.. hahaha.   I don’t take pictures of magical talismans yo, for obvious reasons if they are for me.  Here’s another secret about andrieh,  I don’t share pictures of rituals till after the result has come about 🙂   Might seem weird that I actually have some protocols for staying silent. 🙂   Needless to say, I am fucking overwhelmed.  Its quite nice.

I will break that rule here slightly.   The combination of work with Dantalion and Ganesha involves a third piece of the work.  I won’t say how we did this, but do the course of the fae work I have done, its possible to tranmografy a part of your essence, leaving it connected but possibly in the otherworld.   That will all be in the fae magic book, and really even though it will be printed, it involves lots of fucking quests.  Not the easy magic for lazy times.  But it does make you a lot stronger magically speaking.  It also makes it so EVERYThing can communicate via the signal…   Which sounds great, but everything gets garbled for me because there is too much noise.  Too many things in the signal mix so sometimes the essential message can not get through always, or at least it takes longer.  Some of the work  we are doing of spiritual healing has a side effect that muffles a lot of the noise.  Usually, I just block it out even though I am very talented shaman, most spiritual messages are just not very relevant.   They are noise.   Neither do they impart something the spirits need from you, nor do they impart lessons, or advice.   They are radio signals we interpret based on our own cognitive structures.   We are the receiver and transmitter.   When things are good, this becomes a self-fulfilling stream ( usually the advice you need is not what is easy to hear), and when its bad it can become an echo chamber.   Neither of those you want.   But part of the work acts as to muffle that, so the essential messages are more easily heard as a side effect.   Rest assured, I will put that in the fae book, even though its not fae magic.    I think a lot more people who actually have magical abilities (versus psychological model magic), have a similiar issue of the muffling effect.   IT turns out that my natural muffling is WAY better then the side effect of the work.   Its too good. The work itself has forced me to look at how I am muffling the stray signals, as a consequence not as the primary work.   See that MIRROR effect of doing the work.   All rituals are opportunities to learn new magic.

I firmly believe its better to do this in ritual anyway, then hear the spirits all the time.   I have to re-assess that a bit, although not 100%… maybe I back it down to 80 or 90% 🙂

So I had to work till 1 am cause server fixing stuff, and thats what you do…. so I was trying to go play some video games but unfortunately the games I really like take a few hours…. so I was playing and lost ( a nuke storm killed me)  and just didn’t start ritual until 4 am and people were at the house.  Dantalion was further sorta teaching and going on the power of forgetting and by forgetting he means NEURAL degrading… or neural repatterining..   Literally work the magic against the neural pathways, and then thats a lower level inception… that then the cognitive structure has.  Think about that healing as decay.

So then I used the mala for the first time.   WOH… very different feel.  I could not get through 1 japa mal of the mantra.  Then again it was 5 am when I started.  But the mala is very interesting effect.  The mantra already is hitting much harder.  

I start with a prayer and some chakra work.

So you can see what I do for the chakra work here.  Then I do the prayer.

Lord Ganesh,  I am not properly attuned to this Mantra.   By your grace, my this mantra work in the way I know it can.  I know I can not attune to this properly, but through your grace may it have the impact it is capable of.


Ok I am not for memorization but Ganesh gets what I am asking for.   Now, with the mala, it is still very potent but very different.   I was using my rose quartz mala for this and it would hit very hard.   This one, is more of a ramp up, things changing and rippling below the surface, and then smoothing.  Mala in my experience work with different stones in different ways, thats not in books either.  For a Ganesh that is very about the unmanifested and going from darkness into light, this works and I have been seeing real movement, at least mentally.

Results Report

We are already seeing some tangible results end stop with the situation, but it is frustrating.  You’d like to be one in one day, but thats not possible.  Clients reading this, should understand this.  Want these kinda of results,  I have spent oh about 6/7 hours on this ( multiple that times a few people).  Now that said, I have also seen some MASSIVE movement from our test case, massive life changes for our trial case of the spiritual healing.  This work seems to take about 1 month to see progress.  That is very good timing.  Usually shit takes longer.   I suspect the forced muffling, reduces the spiritual inertia caused by our own subconscious minds attachment.  This last point is something to actually research more fully., Self Change day 2 Woh there Ganesh, Self Change day 2 Woh there Ganesh

Yep Stilll doing the Dantalian Ganesh, and Legba combination…. but Today I am not going to talk so much about Dantalion.

I did the work, we are working on the same thing… Changing the underlying perceptual response systems. Most of the materials on Dantalion, I think are outright wrong on the internet. You’ll read lots of things that kinda say, he has no love for humanity. On the countrary, we are supremely interested in us and how we think and how our minds work, s(he) just doesn’t care if we “succeed”. Or what most people think of as good, he is ambivilent towards, because we have human centric values, which (s)he doesn’t share. Rest assured, we are tremendously fascinating to hir. Not exactly love, totally fascination of how are mental mechanisms work. If you approach Dantalion as a eager student of mind magics, of learning to do persausion and these kinds of things and really listen to the how as a good student, who does research on your own, Dantalion is very willing to go the extra mile for you… but you ahve to meet hir where (S)he is at. You have to want to learn it, AND have a intention. Then you are not a “do what I tell you”, you are a collaborator, a student, someone who gets his fascination with the mind of humans, and thus better groks hir. This is the critical success point for this Daemon, otherwise dont bother. These rituals are taking much longer, because not only am I a willing student, the work itself reminds me of why I love hypnosis and NLP so much, and I am a most willing an attentive student on how to do this work with my on power.

Today though I am going to talk about Ganehs who started playing some dirty pool, not really. but really challenged me. Two things, I will say and I said them in the intial video. I tend to be very transactional because generally with people and spirits, eh, I dont like debts. This is the opposite of accepting grace SO what does Ganesh do… he goes to one of my collaborators, Zac, gives him a message to go buy me a fucking MALA and not a cheap one with smokey stones ( This Ganesh should be smokey) as my emergency MAla. This mala, is by far the most expensive mala I have. Normally I would have screamed about the money… But thats not grace so I shut the fuck up, Thanked him and will use this to dive in deeper. The mala itself being more magical because it is an un-earned gift, that is very aligned with what I percieve as this Ganesh, and in general, a solid mala for any transformation work. Yes… and yes that was totally fucking uncomfortable and I have to not think in debt terms, and exchanges. It is un-earned gifts. and even doing the mala work as part of the getting rid of what Dantalion brings up and the secrets there, is …. well now will be challenging or I have to pray to release the “debt” mindset, and fully accept the spiritual and physical gift.

Oh by the way, even though theres not a formal discipline, I pray to accept the grace.
Bet the other spirits will start doing the same thing, to beat this into my head…. still real nice.

#domagick self-change day 1 rolling down the multi-paradigm issue



Well I am going to do a complex series of work, and this first ritual took a good 2 hours. Heres on some background on what I am going to do. The accepting of grace…. Well yes, I am doing agrippa type work using a “negative spirit” for positive work although I am using an entirely demonolotry ( well at least my methods), of doing some of that work. Negative is really not the way I feel about the spirit. Dantalion is a pretty benign spirit IF ( and thats a big if), if you have a fair amount of psychological understanding and intelligence, else I have kinda seen her kinda be ho hum… Needless to say, I might be socially awkward on occasion, I am pretty smart and have lots of training in various psychological models, so its a pleasure to work with. This work is for healing, and I already had a few weird oddities come about… for people who are frenemies, this is not about you.

But I already saw in my test of situational alchemy, Dantialion brings out the truth of the emotions. I know what those are, but for reasons… I have to hid it… thats not her or his way…. hes kinda like… heres the truth yo, cant suppress it… Here is the secret. You have to just be like, yep I know, I am not kidding myself, I am just paying attention to something else. I am aware. Then Dantalion goes ok, you know… Thats all I need. How does this affect the recieving of grace, well you ahve to accept the spirits lessons and listen. You have to accept the blessings as they come even from a more neutral spirit who is friendly and may force you to confront things you dont want to.

Dantalion is a great spirit for mental restructuring. He is like the patron saint of NLP, and lets you recondition and retrain parts of your subconsious mind and make it sorta feel like it was your own idea. Thats very neat but it is not work that you can really do in a way that is blunt and direct. You have to implant ideas, rework how perceptions are processed, or change an idea and let the rest of the mind re-adjust. This isnt binding work, its inception work and you have to be clever. Dantalion to me becomes a more powerful demon depending on how clever you are with spirit. I could do this with Met Kaufu, but that work tends to be more heavy handed, and less subtle and really people just get broken.

Bring that shit out though, sometimes has emotional costs. SO I am going to work Legba as I do alot to break down the physical aspects of needing roads open and cleared….

and then with
with Dhumraketu, the form of ganesh, not yet manifested. for mental processing.
This Ganesh destroys all evil, but ends the Kali Yuga. The point of that work with Dantalion is a sort of low level emotional restructing of both myself and others to create a situational alchemy. The Ganesh work is only done on me, to end my Kali Yuga… I do not have the time to do this the right way, as I am doing a ritual already.
Usually mantras have to go through a discipline, and effort to attune yourself to them.
Om Dhumraketave Namah — Ohm Doom-RAH Kay-too-VAY Nah-mah-hah

I was just told use it, but GRACE … it will work. Aka not by your effort. Sure enough, I did it after the work with Dantalion not to banish, but alchemize what came up and HOLY SHIT it worked.. by grace…
The I was going to go to Legba once a week to let things that need physically open, keep happening. Legba opened doors, by grace as well… so even though its hard, trying the combination is working.

One lesson I already learned is that for me accepting grace from the spiritual world does not needfully meaning showing undeserved mercy.