Today is Friday 4/13.  Usually I have ok to good luck on Friday the 13th,  not today.

I took off today, but still had to work cause of emergencies at work.   My headphones broke.  There was major backsliding ( possibly caused by illness), in people’s behavior.  I got hate mail on twitter ( btw, fuck off to the person who sent that… just thought Id slip that in). I got 3 hours sleep.  There was a fail on the metrics ( backsliding), we set out and basically I threatened to get the the chains out ( in classical evocation work, to “torture and bind” the entity).   Probably not the most “grace” filled thing I could do, but the message was sorta there. While I might play nice, I’m not going to be taken advantage of either.  Results or we go all classical.  I know thats not exactly the demonology way but eh, Dantalion was getting a little pushy on some things, and I basically was not going to have it.  Results or no dice on what was asked for.   Generally I will be generous on the praise ard rewards.   In retrospect, I probably need to bust out my emergency mantra work ( the mantra I am working with), more often on days like this.

So I am going to do the work now, the earlier “threat”, I am going to leave aside and try to be more graceful.  I am going to reverse the Dantalian work and Ganesh work, or sandwich the  Dantalion work by some rounds of mantra work.   

 On the positive side, BBQ season is now open so I did that.  

Addendum:   So I reversed the order of the Ganesh and Dantalion work and I threw in a bit of Shiva work ( Om Namah Shivaya ).    This was very effective.   I have a HUGE body buzz, and then I went right into the Dantalion work who was more subdued ( obviously, I was an asshole earlier, and the demon really wants a longer and more permanent connection, and generally was overconfident about what they could do, or my projection was).   Readings game back that everything was fine and this was a correction that was needed ( the earlier one).   Still the order mattered and it was var easier and more enjoyable to start with the ganesh stuff,   mostly cause the initial infernal banishing/elemental centering took a lot less work and was far more enjoyable after the chakras were open and aligned.  Cross parading work, it is what it is.  

On a side note, I think I need to do some experimentation again, come up with some crazy but not that crazy stuff 🙂  for fun.

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