So April 12, 

Not really all in, the last couple days.  Again, I have been seeing mixed results., although the Ganesh work.  The trauma and spiritual wounds are fucking tough to heal.  Progress is being made but, again I have concerns about sustainability.   So I can see in some ways there are better interactions, but really don’t know.   Other situations seem to be moving around the situation being alchemized, to cause social changes that cause emotional change… the changes are not expected and they are a little weird, but I think they would work to help solidify results.

I am not a blind following magician, I know sometimes Daemons play tricks?  Is this a trick?  Now I really have to meditate on those grace aspects into the relations to how the daemonic work.

Patience is not really a strong point of me and with school, work, I do feel overloaded ( not like my associate GEEZ), but still a little tweaked.   

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