April 18th

I did the working earlier, and flipping the Ganesh work before the Dantalion work, that seems to help the work and I did this a little earlier, but damn I need a break.  What I haven’t done, is the 108 repetitions of the mantra I am working with when I need it.  108 only takes about 5-7 minutes and its quite effective, but alas. I haven’t done it.  So just incase some one needs it, heres how to count with out a mala.  I tend to just count the 3 middle fingers which is 9, then just go around 4 times in a hand.  Then I do use the second to count the malas. 


In a couple days, I feel like we are going to switch back to some hard work, but this work is a part of the process so I need the switch it to go to town. 


Well its working, not as fast as Id like.  There is clear results over all, and some other things changing around the issues.  the situation is just not changing fast enough or as throughly, but I have seen alot of grace thrown my way.  Its hard to accept.  I am struggling with it, right that sense of fair exchange and grace most meditate more on acceptance.

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