April 22. 2018

So I am both preparing for finals, and doing the challenge.  I am working on on the idea of changing “I can’t” to “I can”, via the Dantalion work.  The work feels like a major lift.  It is hard, like trying to bend steel but not break the steel in the process so you can’t apply to much pressure.  I worked on it on both days on the weekend, but I definitely feeling burnt out.  When the end of the challenge corresponds to testing at school, it just get hard.  Logistically hard, and I already felt burned out.

So this work like I said, has a muffling component.  Let me further explain what that means.  Basically, it means the work is being done while shutting off some sources of magical power to isolate and further augment the work.  So yes we are making it harder, so the work works better but thats doubly harder when your burnt out AND shutting down one whole power grid.  I kinda feel like this is appropriate here, in relation to that idea of working this way.

Now there was a lot of good reasons I came up with the muffling idea.  Sometimes some magical energies can act as noise for specific work.    That said, “Real men of Genius”.

Remember, there are multiple people doing the work and they are doing different aspects.  We all had a long confab about the unintended good consequences, our worries, etc.  I was definitely ( and correctly based on divinations), worried about some parts of the work.  There has been oddities across the board, good bad, weird.   Lots of oddities across the board.  Some concerning points early on, and lots of people feeling strung out by the work.   That seems to be a design flaw, not an accident.  7 more days.

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