Day 4:  April 5

The thing about situational change and alchemy, is that you must change even if the target is primarily someone else.  Whether or not you are involved or not, the work itself is related to you. The work is merely the reflection of the light and this reflects back on you the magician or witch.  No matter what you do, it always reflects back.  Not in a stupid western karmic idea, no.   It just rings different parts of your personality,  IT gives you information about yourself, if you look.   IT is never just do the magic and leave.   Any results, even for clients, makes you ring part of yourself.   Now, for someone who believes that all parts even the bad are equally valid this is ok.  Although it is little different.

So I got the gifted mala, this is a similiar mala from the vendor ( the picture links to their etsy, no they didn’t pay me, it just that awesome).    So this was a gift from Zac Lui,  that I mentioned a couple days ago.  It arrived today.Mala

Why NO this is not a picture of my mala.. hahaha.   I don’t take pictures of magical talismans yo, for obvious reasons if they are for me.  Here’s another secret about andrieh,  I don’t share pictures of rituals till after the result has come about 🙂   Might seem weird that I actually have some protocols for staying silent. 🙂   Needless to say, I am fucking overwhelmed.  Its quite nice.

I will break that rule here slightly.   The combination of work with Dantalion and Ganesha involves a third piece of the work.  I won’t say how we did this, but do the course of the fae work I have done, its possible to tranmografy a part of your essence, leaving it connected but possibly in the otherworld.   That will all be in the fae magic book, and really even though it will be printed, it involves lots of fucking quests.  Not the easy magic for lazy times.  But it does make you a lot stronger magically speaking.  It also makes it so EVERYThing can communicate via the signal…   Which sounds great, but everything gets garbled for me because there is too much noise.  Too many things in the signal mix so sometimes the essential message can not get through always, or at least it takes longer.  Some of the work  we are doing of spiritual healing has a side effect that muffles a lot of the noise.  Usually, I just block it out even though I am very talented shaman, most spiritual messages are just not very relevant.   They are noise.   Neither do they impart something the spirits need from you, nor do they impart lessons, or advice.   They are radio signals we interpret based on our own cognitive structures.   We are the receiver and transmitter.   When things are good, this becomes a self-fulfilling stream ( usually the advice you need is not what is easy to hear), and when its bad it can become an echo chamber.   Neither of those you want.   But part of the work acts as to muffle that, so the essential messages are more easily heard as a side effect.   Rest assured, I will put that in the fae book, even though its not fae magic.    I think a lot more people who actually have magical abilities (versus psychological model magic), have a similiar issue of the muffling effect.   IT turns out that my natural muffling is WAY better then the side effect of the work.   Its too good. The work itself has forced me to look at how I am muffling the stray signals, as a consequence not as the primary work.   See that MIRROR effect of doing the work.   All rituals are opportunities to learn new magic.

I firmly believe its better to do this in ritual anyway, then hear the spirits all the time.   I have to re-assess that a bit, although not 100%… maybe I back it down to 80 or 90% 🙂

So I had to work till 1 am cause server fixing stuff, and thats what you do…. so I was trying to go play some video games but unfortunately the games I really like take a few hours…. so I was playing and lost ( a nuke storm killed me)  and just didn’t start ritual until 4 am and people were at the house.  Dantalion was further sorta teaching and going on the power of forgetting and by forgetting he means NEURAL degrading… or neural repatterining..   Literally work the magic against the neural pathways, and then thats a lower level inception… that then the cognitive structure has.  Think about that healing as decay.

So then I used the mala for the first time.   WOH… very different feel.  I could not get through 1 japa mal of the mantra.  Then again it was 5 am when I started.  But the mala is very interesting effect.  The mantra already is hitting much harder.  

I start with a prayer and some chakra work.

So you can see what I do for the chakra work here.  Then I do the prayer.

Lord Ganesh,  I am not properly attuned to this Mantra.   By your grace, my this mantra work in the way I know it can.  I know I can not attune to this properly, but through your grace may it have the impact it is capable of.


Ok I am not for memorization but Ganesh gets what I am asking for.   Now, with the mala, it is still very potent but very different.   I was using my rose quartz mala for this and it would hit very hard.   This one, is more of a ramp up, things changing and rippling below the surface, and then smoothing.  Mala in my experience work with different stones in different ways, thats not in books either.  For a Ganesh that is very about the unmanifested and going from darkness into light, this works and I have been seeing real movement, at least mentally.

Results Report

We are already seeing some tangible results end stop with the situation, but it is frustrating.  You’d like to be one in one day, but thats not possible.  Clients reading this, should understand this.  Want these kinda of results,  I have spent oh about 6/7 hours on this ( multiple that times a few people).  Now that said, I have also seen some MASSIVE movement from our test case, massive life changes for our trial case of the spiritual healing.  This work seems to take about 1 month to see progress.  That is very good timing.  Usually shit takes longer.   I suspect the forced muffling, reduces the spiritual inertia caused by our own subconscious minds attachment.  This last point is something to actually research more fully.

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