Day 5:  April 6

Dantalion is kina great, and the work in a way really has re-affirmed my love of hypnosis and nlp despite well life getting in the way.  I seriously have to re-negotiate the blood thing.  Its not so much the blood.  I fucking hate the Stabby Mc Staberson of the demonology work I am doing.  

This blood offering was probably coming from being too influenced by other demonologists.  I didn’t use to do this this way and kinda picked it up.  The way I used to do this, is more classical horror movie show like.  I would right up a formal pact and drop of blood.  I already have a deep pact with Dantalion, and I know people will disagree, but I feel like the blood really isn’t needed.  He doesn’t need a better connection, and that type of energy is not what he actually uses.   I have to think more on it.


I REALLY HATE the stabbing and don’t like needles much either.   Its not the fear yo, not afraid, just dislike.  Really really really really really really really really hate it.  Really Really really really Hate the stabbing. I do wonder if this dislike of blood work, comes from the Temple of Set days.  I have no problem doing a chicken as it were, although don’t like that either since it takes HOURS to fucking clean and cook the chicken.  

Anyway, the work is progressing ok.  Every day.  Got through my Ganesh work.. and chakra work.. No weird dreams… 

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