Well. I had some really intense rituals tonight.   Dantalion wanted to talk about a great number of things, this was a pretty extensive conversation.  We talked about more then a few things, and it was generally an intense ritual. We were working on the reframing of one the issues, and working on some more advanced techniques of energy mind transformation / persuasion.   That isn’t why I called him or her, s(he) just made it very clear, s(he) was going to give those techniques and I was going to learn em.  Grace right, thats that.   Need to learn the techniques, cause I will need em later.  Right, Right,  Then we did the work.

Now, I went into the Ganesh ritual after the fact and it was very very strange.   Obviously the Ganesh ritual after the hard core Demonology with the chakra work resets the system.  Both that someone called me on the phone from a strange number ( was listing to music), and then the dog tried to interfere, by jumping on me.  I just kept going, but it was a little rough, then the dog fell asleep.    I kept getting almost a smokey Ganesh, and was getting sorta of pulled into another place.  IT was very powerful, but only did 1 mala.   Again felt like the whole system got cleaned out by the mantra.

Theres been a few other times I have spent meditating on that whole grace work in terms of the greater work I was doing.  It is what it has been, often just need stillness.  I always feel like the work keeps going with school and can’t get time to meditate like I should.   Even now going to bed very late.  I need to stop that 🙂    Hard to write tonight, taking so much time.

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