You know what the problem is with doing magical work of a repetitive nature like this is one entity gets a little boring.  I am sure that why in the challenges, people try to get around that.   This is the stage of the magical work being a grind.  I sorta got to work on the ritual to make it  little less eh.

The truth is, most magicians feel like it should be one and done, and certainly clients do, but multiple workings are usually needed.  With Client work, its 150.hour and really most workings honestly even with quality magicians should take 7+ hours in my experience, unless you really are at a fulcrum point, which means the divinations were really on point, or intuition and are really lucky… Thats rare. ( BTW 7 *150 = 1050 dollars which is what I am will be moving my pricing structure too after this challenge with a retainer and contracts).  Usually theres alot more heavy lifting to get things to work.

Now I am going a Dantalion and Ganesh work, but the Ganesh work is far more internal so that feels very different.  With Dantalion the work is externally focused and we have been seeing results, just meh.   Does not help that I am doing the work in the same location and have finals and other things.  I have one purpose basically in mind.  Now one day, I did two Dantalion rituals, or two meditations, and got solid results.  Is this a situation where I should be asking for more for me? That doesn’t seem grace, but it could be since this is a problem.   Ganesh I can tell is doing the work.  Its clearing internal channels, I am just in that finals zone and am a little tired.  So right the cleansing work that feels like ok its blessing and grace and the results are much greater then the work.  I am not sure how to accept Grace from the daemonic in a meaningful way.

I have been getting messages but really, absolutely anyone should distrust those.  Unless you are deep in trance, you get in the way of the message.   One weird message was that Lucifer really wanted to speak after the 30 days of work.  That my life would enter a new stage, and lets talk about taking it to the next level in good ways, while I did and get initiated in Vodou, within the Daemonic,  Lucifer is very much a strong guide… and has at times stepped in and given me verifiable message of great importance.  The last time, he stepped in, I pretty much do what I do, ignore it… Lots of shit always wants to talk. So he brought the message sidewise and it saved me from having to be part of Katrina ( the hurricane).  So when I get the “ lets talk”, I tend to more fully investigate.   The muffling effect to of the work, means the essential messages are more clear, and thats important.  No one should just trust messages directly, as we the receiver mess it up…. well actually its just how we are put together subconsciously.  We always are playing the telephone game.

Everyone should be very suspect of direct messages without a shit ton of validation and testing, so thats what I will be doing.  Validating the messages especially the Lucifer message.

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