SO I had some interesting insights while doing the work with Ganesh.

So its 108 of the mantra

Om Dhumraketave Namah — Ohm Doom-RAH Kay-too-VAY Nah-mah-hah

with some chakra work after doing the Dantalion work.  That’s just so you know.  

When I put my head down and just focus at work, and doing my own products, not really on interviewing, deeper down, or even to much social media… I tend to make more money and consistently more.  Its not that I enjoy my job more, so its not that.  I think its cause I don’t focus any magical energies on those things, and just focus on creating and doing on my work and shit moves down.  Literally, its just not playing along in the occulture game so much.   I mean 1000’s of dollars too.  Its not that I don’t want to write and create, I just don’t want to do the game.  The insight is that withdrawing inward resulted in more cash.

That has implications for how I strategically plan business and will be working on that more clearly when I sit down to do post mbaqanga work.  

The Dantalion work for healing is really working.  When I described the kinds of work to a friend, they said, you are doing cognitive behavioral therapy.   Yep.  Exactly, low level neural recoding via magic for a healing effect or more correctly, the results we are seeing is what SHOULD be happening if therapists gave a shit.   The results are well within the range of therapeutic modalities, but people tend to not give a shit and half-ass it when they are doing the work of therapy.  Therapy is hard fucking work, I wish people would treat it the right way.  Now that said, when the friend made that immediate jump and told me I was really onto something magically speaking, with the way I was moving things around, I know I am learning something and on the right track with that validation.   Most binding or healings are “heal this person mentally” which is problematic, vague and generally not going to work.  I think that would rarely work, there is always a ton of resistance and “healed” is a troublesome concept.   Now, if you start going “have their perceptual and cognitive system pay less attention to this, and more to this”… eh most people will kinda just accept that and thats way more dangerous and powerful but takes cleverness and some psychology knowledge.  Dantalion loves that, and really, I think thats the minimal price of entry to even work with the spirits.

The thing is, if the change seems innocuous enough, it requires far less effort then bindings.   I am freaking learning, this is all stuff you’d use in hypnosis, but this is with no vocal hypnosis involved.

Clearly theirs actual real world applications such as sales, closing a job interview, healing ( which I am doing), self-change, self-destruction.   Trust me there are endless applications of this work.  Later I should write about how this is different or related to jar spells such as sweetness, and how that works in a different mechanism slightly,

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