Yep Stilll doing the Dantalian Ganesh, and Legba combination…. but Today I am not going to talk so much about Dantalion.

I did the work, we are working on the same thing… Changing the underlying perceptual response systems. Most of the materials on Dantalion, I think are outright wrong on the internet. You’ll read lots of things that kinda say, he has no love for humanity. On the countrary, we are supremely interested in us and how we think and how our minds work, s(he) just doesn’t care if we “succeed”. Or what most people think of as good, he is ambivilent towards, because we have human centric values, which (s)he doesn’t share. Rest assured, we are tremendously fascinating to hir. Not exactly love, totally fascination of how are mental mechanisms work. If you approach Dantalion as a eager student of mind magics, of learning to do persausion and these kinds of things and really listen to the how as a good student, who does research on your own, Dantalion is very willing to go the extra mile for you… but you ahve to meet hir where (S)he is at. You have to want to learn it, AND have a intention. Then you are not a “do what I tell you”, you are a collaborator, a student, someone who gets his fascination with the mind of humans, and thus better groks hir. This is the critical success point for this Daemon, otherwise dont bother. These rituals are taking much longer, because not only am I a willing student, the work itself reminds me of why I love hypnosis and NLP so much, and I am a most willing an attentive student on how to do this work with my on power.

Today though I am going to talk about Ganehs who started playing some dirty pool, not really. but really challenged me. Two things, I will say and I said them in the intial video. I tend to be very transactional because generally with people and spirits, eh, I dont like debts. This is the opposite of accepting grace SO what does Ganesh do… he goes to one of my collaborators, Zac, gives him a message to go buy me a fucking MALA and not a cheap one with smokey stones ( This Ganesh should be smokey) as my emergency MAla. This mala, is by far the most expensive mala I have. Normally I would have screamed about the money… But thats not grace so I shut the fuck up, Thanked him and will use this to dive in deeper. The mala itself being more magical because it is an un-earned gift, that is very aligned with what I percieve as this Ganesh, and in general, a solid mala for any transformation work. Yes… and yes that was totally fucking uncomfortable and I have to not think in debt terms, and exchanges. It is un-earned gifts. and even doing the mala work as part of the getting rid of what Dantalion brings up and the secrets there, is …. well now will be challenging or I have to pray to release the “debt” mindset, and fully accept the spiritual and physical gift.

Oh by the way, even though theres not a formal discipline, I pray to accept the grace.
Bet the other spirits will start doing the same thing, to beat this into my head…. still real nice.

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