Well I am going to do a complex series of work, and this first ritual took a good 2 hours. Heres on some background on what I am going to do. The accepting of grace…. Well yes, I am doing agrippa type work using a “negative spirit” for positive work although I am using an entirely demonolotry ( well at least my methods), of doing some of that work. Negative is really not the way I feel about the spirit. Dantalion is a pretty benign spirit IF ( and thats a big if), if you have a fair amount of psychological understanding and intelligence, else I have kinda seen her kinda be ho hum… Needless to say, I might be socially awkward on occasion, I am pretty smart and have lots of training in various psychological models, so its a pleasure to work with. This work is for healing, and I already had a few weird oddities come about… for people who are frenemies, this is not about you.

But I already saw in my test of situational alchemy, Dantialion brings out the truth of the emotions. I know what those are, but for reasons… I have to hid it… thats not her or his way…. hes kinda like… heres the truth yo, cant suppress it… Here is the secret. You have to just be like, yep I know, I am not kidding myself, I am just paying attention to something else. I am aware. Then Dantalion goes ok, you know… Thats all I need. How does this affect the recieving of grace, well you ahve to accept the spirits lessons and listen. You have to accept the blessings as they come even from a more neutral spirit who is friendly and may force you to confront things you dont want to.

Dantalion is a great spirit for mental restructuring. He is like the patron saint of NLP, and lets you recondition and retrain parts of your subconsious mind and make it sorta feel like it was your own idea. Thats very neat but it is not work that you can really do in a way that is blunt and direct. You have to implant ideas, rework how perceptions are processed, or change an idea and let the rest of the mind re-adjust. This isnt binding work, its inception work and you have to be clever. Dantalion to me becomes a more powerful demon depending on how clever you are with spirit. I could do this with Met Kaufu, but that work tends to be more heavy handed, and less subtle and really people just get broken.

Bring that shit out though, sometimes has emotional costs. SO I am going to work Legba as I do alot to break down the physical aspects of needing roads open and cleared….

and then with
with Dhumraketu, the form of ganesh, not yet manifested. for mental processing.
This Ganesh destroys all evil, but ends the Kali Yuga. The point of that work with Dantalion is a sort of low level emotional restructing of both myself and others to create a situational alchemy. The Ganesh work is only done on me, to end my Kali Yuga… I do not have the time to do this the right way, as I am doing a ritual already.
Usually mantras have to go through a discipline, and effort to attune yourself to them.
Om Dhumraketave Namah — Ohm Doom-RAH Kay-too-VAY Nah-mah-hah

I was just told use it, but GRACE … it will work. Aka not by your effort. Sure enough, I did it after the work with Dantalion not to banish, but alchemize what came up and HOLY SHIT it worked.. by grace…
The I was going to go to Legba once a week to let things that need physically open, keep happening. Legba opened doors, by grace as well… so even though its hard, trying the combination is working.

One lesson I already learned is that for me accepting grace from the spiritual world does not needfully meaning showing undeserved mercy.

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