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Toronto Psychic Self-Defense Immersion

January 26, 2019

Fortitude in the face of toxic people and places.

January 26, 2018  10::30-11:30 pm

Have you ever felt drained, belittled, completely despondent after a conversation with your boss, a friend, or a client?  Have you ever felt terrifyingly sick after being in a room, or around someone who is sick? Do you ever feel your confidence dissipate around some people and that leaves you feeling distraught?  We can give you tools to help resist and repair. Using Andrieh’s Shapeshifting tools, NLP and some energy work, we will give you some life-changing tools of mental fortitude and practical detachment.   You won’t need to feel drained for days after tending to a sick person or difficult situation. You can, and together, these solutions will change your life ( even if you do not believe in energy work).  Get the VIP package for major discounts.

Psychic Self Defense Deep Dive

Psychic Self-Defense Bootcamp 

January 26, 2018  1-4pm

Ever have that otherworldly chill, and then experience that horrifyingly coincidental bad luck.   Get in a soul sucking funk after being round a certain people or places and feel like they burrowed into your head?   Just having a series of bad luck, and you just can’t seem to shake it? Learn the basics of psychic self-defence to gain not only the piece of mind you deserve, but really thrive.

Includes:  awareness of psychic negativity, the basics of Shielding,  Cleansing, Centering, Grounding, Awareness, Energy Jujitsu, Energy Conservation

You do not need to afraid anymore.  Learn from one of the best and stand tall. Get the VIP package for major discounts.

Psychic Self Defense Deep Dive

Beginning Offensive Magic

Saturday 26, 2019    7-9pm.

A good offense is often the best defense.  In this hands-on workshop, Andrieh covers the basics of cursing done in the perspective of counter-punching.  Of course, is you so feel like it, you could curse first, but we are not going to talk about that. Even a basic set of offensive tools, can give you the piece of mind you need when defending against debilitating psychic attacks.  Don’t be the victim anymore. Rise up. Fight Back.  Zac Lui called this the secret lecture in the facebook pages.

Psychic Self Defense Deep Dive

Banish Against The Wall

Saturday 26, 2019, 9-11pm

Originally suggested in Hands On Chaos Magic, the BATW is a intense hands on workshop where participants will experience defending against actual malevolent incursions including spiritual aggression, psychic vampirism, and negative spiritual contact. In the real world, these can be debilitating and life crushing experiences.   After this workshop, you will have the confidence and ability to stand up to these forces. Unlike the real world, instructors will be there to facilitate any needed healing, cleansing and give suggestions. This elite, experiential learning will teach more more about psychic self defense then hundreds of books and will be strictly limited and juried entry into the class.  It’s time to level up, and take the theoretical knowledge into actual practice in a safe controlled environment. Become more.

Psychic Self Defense Deep Dive


January 26, 2019


Andrieh Vitimus


Wuji Xuan Life Wellness Center
607 Gerrard St E #402, Broadon Building
Toronto, Ontario M4M 1Y2 Canada
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