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Creating Artificial Spirits, Servitors, and Thought Forms Online Webinar

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Recorded July 12, 2014, 3 pm


How could your life change if you had an effective spirit-helper at your side? Imagine the powerful sense of “Yes I Can!” with your new helper on the job, working for and with you to accomplish your goals!

Andrieh Vitimus leads a workshop on creating artificial spirits known as “servitors”, or “thought forms” using expanded techniques from his book, ‘Hands On Chaos Magic’,  recorded live for this Webinar Event.

Servitors are very much like Magical Artificial Intelligence. During the course of this event, you will have the opportunity to build your own servitor for almost any positive intention from Money Drawing, Protection, Influence and more.

During the workshop we do a full Servitor-Thought Form Creation Meditation (and hypnosis).  Andrieh also discusses the care and feeding of your servitor, and when it is time to reclaim the servitor.

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Andrieh Vitimus has over 15 years experience working with servitors.

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