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werewolfIntroduction and Intermediate Atavistic Shapeshifting Online Webinar

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September 13, 2014, 3 pm

Call and invoke the Beast inside you!

Join Andrieh Vitimus as he teaches you to draw from an ancient, ancestral place to create a reversion of an alternate form in this Atavistic Shapeshifting Webinar.  Shapeshifting has been primarily astral based, since it takes years to physically Shapeshift, due to the resistance of self.

During this webinar, using expanded techniques from his book ‘Hands On Chaos Magic’, Andrieh will lead us through the prep and ritual work needed for minor changes in the physical to occur using these 4 states of Shapeshifting:

1. Mental/Aspecting  2. Energy/Auric (glamour magic)  3. Astral (must get there & see it- change what is you)  4. Physical (eye & face most common)

Don’t let “shapes” confine you; learn to Shapeshift into different personas and improve your life!  There are no real limits to The Self – except your own!

Register Now:  $49.99

Your questions are welcome in this Live Webinar Event.  $10.00 Discount Available When You Register For Our Newsletter.

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